This cock cage is a very confining male chastity device. It will tend to limit erections, and prevent orgasms. This is a new and different design from the splint-style cages we used to sell, but the new design is similar and, we think, an improvement over the original. As before, there is a locking leather strap that goes around the cock and balls, with a locking post closure instead of a buckle. Riveted to the cock-and-ball strap are three more straps that attach to a cylindrical chrome enclosure (sometimes known as a "stallion guard") with two round rings connected by four metal bars. In between the base strap and the chrome cage are two metal O-rings, and the approximate length of the large cage is 5.75". When you consider that the base strap goes at the base of the cock behind the balls, these lengths are fairly short. These cages will not interfere with urination, but we can't say for sure whether they would stand up to a bath or shower. The lock is sold separately. This item is n

Locking Cage - Large

    • Length: 5.75 Inches
    • Color: Black , Silver
    • Feature: Bulk Packaging
    • Material: Leather , Metal
    • Manufacturer: Stockroom


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