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Dr Clockwork Wartenberg Wheel. No one who appreciates toys should be without a Wartenberg Pinwheel! Sometimes referred to as a neurological pinwheel, neuro wheel or simply a pinwheel. Sensations from this handy toy range from a scintillatingly sensual prickle to a wickedly sharp pin pricks, depending on how much pressure is applied. Made of High Quality Stainless Steel, these pinwheels, which measure approximately 7 Inches long, possess grooved handles and a rolling head of extremely sharp points. Each comes in a vinyl case.

Dr Clockwork Wartenberg Wheel.

    • Length: 7.00 Inches
    • Shape: Non-Phallic
    • Feature: Phthalate Free
    • Color: Silver
    • Texture: Spiky
    • Material: Steel
    • Manufacturer: Dr Clockworks
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